Air stops cooling after 30 miles


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Question Air stops cooling after 30 miles

I had the condenser replaced on my 1997 dodge grand caravan the last week of April. When I first got the van out of the shop,the air was blowing so cold that you could see it coming out. This stopped within a day or 2.
This past weekend we took a trip and after about 30 miles it began to only blow air that was not cool. We stopped for 5 minutes, killed the engine and when we started on our way again,it cooled great. 30 miles later-just blowing hot air again.
Any idea what this could be?
How hard is it to chek the freon? Will they have to pull out my dash again?
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Sounds like your Evaporator Temp. Sensor was not installed correctly when the evaporator was replaced. This can cause the evaporator to freeze after extended use. A frozen evaporator provides little or no cooling. When you stop the engine or turn the a/c "off" the evaporator warms, the ice melts & the a/c will work again. Until the evaporator freezes again.

Return the van to the shop that did the work. Explain your situation & let them deal with it.
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You were exactly right. It was the sensor. I took it to the dealer this time. The person who did the work was going to keep my car several days.They think it got damaged when the other guy did the repair. I paid them to fix it and chalked it up to a lesson learned. You get what you pay for.It took the dealer about little time to find and fix the problem.

Thanks for the info.

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