Honda engine


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Honda engine

Does anyone know if the Honda 1990 engine (2.0) is a interference engine. What I mean is if the timing belt breaks will the valves go though the piston.

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It is interference....and the second answer depends on the RPMs...
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Most Hondas are. Generally all they do is bend the valves (as if that's not enough!) One of the easiest "no-start"s to diagnose because of the distinctive sound while cranking. And for your NEXT question, probably $800-1200 depending on your location and what it needs.
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Congrats . According to the Gates lookup, this is an interference engine. Good chance if the belt broke in operation, the valves are bent. Another Honda "exclusive"

(Yea, I know TowGuy is shaking his head that I say I don't have these problems on my rear drivers...but this is one case that I'm glad I own old American iron ).

What did your compression check show? Does the ignition rotor now turn when you crank? If not, broken timing belt.

At the same time you do the repair, change the water pump or else you'll do it again .

These Preludes start to soak you bad as they get older . Eeeek.
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1990 Honda Prelude

The timing belt did not break. The car runs but does not fire on the # 2 cylinder. The compression test on #2 cylinder Shows 125lbs and leaks down slow. We did try new plugs wires cap and rotor first but that did not help. There are no signs of anti freeze in the oil. The car was running fine before this happened.


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