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Angry 93 Olds Electrical

I have a 1993 Oldsmobile 98 that is having some kind of electrical problems. On Sunday, I shut off the car after a long drive and the blower fan inside the car kept running. At first I thought it was the radiator fan, so I ignored it thinking it would shut off when the car cooled. The next morning the battery was dead. I charged the battery and immediately the blower fan again started blowing. I tried to drive down the road and the fan was locked in high, I couldn't adjust it. Also, when the A/C is not on or the car is off, the blower fan blows through the defroster vents at the dash. I have already tried replacing the relays, but that did not solve the problem. What do you think?
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Rap on the blower motor with a rubber mallet and the switch in the off position. See if that helps. If it does, wiped out motor.

There's likely a relay or switch you're missing. Visit the Olds dealer for a blow up of the system and all the relays. Did you change the right one?

Also check for melted connections at the motor and at the blower switch too.

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