platinum spark plugs? when to change?


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platinum spark plugs? when to change?

i have a 2000 nissan crew cab 4x4. in most cars i've owned, i chagned the spark plugs at every 30,000 miles. this truck apparently has platinum plugs, which according to nissan, need to be chagned every 60,000 miles. that's twice as long as i'm used to. are the plugs that good? should i change them at 30,000 anyways? i've been told be poeple on this board before to go with what the manufacturer says, in this case as well?

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Smile 60,000 miles or bust

You know how it is to be a mechanic, the last thing you want to do is work on your own stuff for free LOL. We I am guility of this once and a while

1981 Pontiac Bonney at the time I installed them it had 90,000 on & when it came to my attn, there was 150,000 miles and it was getting poor mileage.

Looking the Platnium beauties over, I could see that the center electrode was still there. However I could lift up and straighten the ground electrode.

In all my life, I have never seen the ground eaten so thin as to be less than .010. So I would have to say 60,000 is really getting your moneys worth.

Sine they Bosch cost 1/2 of what they did 5 years ago I would go for 30,000, it still is better than my 1969 Point type C/10 at 20,000 miles with NGKs.

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I'd follow the manufactures recommendations.Ford,chevy,and dodge use double platinum plugs in their new stuff and most are good for 60,000 to 100,000 miles.
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Smile Follow Mfgr reccomendation.

When I replied to your post it was for the BOSCH Platinum. If there are other Platnium Plugs that will go that far, then by all means go for it.

However remember that like a welding rod jumps an arc to transmit metal from one point to another, so to does a Spk plug. Although the metal is consumed in combustion, instead of building up on the other electrode.

A non Platnium Spk plug rounds off it's Pos center electrode. A platnium plug wears away at the softer ground. The best thing a DIYer can do, is to check his/her plugs at 20,000 and change them when they need it.

Remember the spark plug is more than just an electrode, it gives you a reading of the inside of your combustion chamber. Many time you can head off trouble by keeping track of the condition of your spark plugs.

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Follow the manufacturer's interval.

I don't buy that whole platnum plug deal. Lol. If they are original equipment, fine but good old R45TSX from Delco for a buck a plug works and looks fine for me .

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