my 1990 Honda civic wagon won't start


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my 1990 Honda civic wagon won't start

I have a 1990 Honda civic wagon, that is a 4 cylinder. My daughter drove it to work and left the lights on and needed a jump to start it. Later that evening it stalled and every time I stepped on the gas it would stall again. Then it stopped starting. Afriend replaced the spark plugs and it started again, but on the way home it lost power and died. We replaced the ignition module, the distributor cap and the rotor and had the coil checked, all to no avail. Please help!!!
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I have a 90 Accord. What I would suspect is that something occured when jump starting the car. Could it be that it was jumped incorrectly? If so, this could cause a bunch of problems.

However, what I would do is check the fuses. Sounds like it's not getting fuel and perhaps the fuel pump (which is electrical) fuse blew. If it's not blown, I'd still go and check the pump itself to assure that it's still working.
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You can smell gas when you try to start it, would this be possible if it is the fuel pump? I did visually check the fuses, but I will get a tester and check again. Thank you for the suggestions.
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Start with my post "The Basics" below and the links there as well.

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