Help on removing brake rotors


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Dan Meyer
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Help on removing brake rotors

Thanks to all for your response to my neighbor's warped brake rotors.
According to the 1987 Chev. Celebrity service manual, the rotors should just slide off - (after the calipers are removed). I know that some rotors have the center nut holding them on but that isn't the case with these.
Well, we can't get them off. I assume that they're rusted on. We tried lightly tapping them with a hammer, but no luck (afraid to hit them too hard for fear of damage ). I'm sure you pro's have a way to get them off (do you use a bigger hammer????)
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rotor removal

Use some rust penetrant I prefer PB Blaster.Set a block of wood against the rotor now hit the wood as hard as you need.By the way rotors are fairly cheap for these sometimes cheaper than machining.Those rotors on the car may be under machine to specs already.Good Luck Dan.
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I agree. Pitch those rotors at this stage of the game.

Good US made replacements are probably 25 bucks each at most.
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Dan Meyer
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stuck rotors

Again thanks for the replies.
the decision was already made to replace the rotors - not try to have them resurfaced.
But we can't replace them until we get them off.
Rust penetrant and a big hammer - way to go!!!
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Spray 'em with WD40 around the hub and wheel nuts.

Take off the caliper, swing it out of the way and support it.

Give it a good rap with a small lump hammer.

In about 10 seconds, it will be sitting on the floor . You're pitching them anyhow .

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