83 delta - throttle position sensor


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83 delta - throttle position sensor

Check engine light was blinking the other day, so I bought one of those handy code readers. Came up with a code 21, which says the voltage is too high on the Throttle Position sensor. My Chilton manual says the sensor is mounted on the carbeurator body itself. This is probably the one part of my car I'm afraid to tinker with (I don't even think I'm spelling it right). Is it easy to change out this sensor, or do I have to rip apart the carbeurator to get to it.

From past experience, the mechanics in my area know less than I do about carbeurators. so am I better to try it myself, or keep searching for a pro?


BTW - just passed 126K, and my gas gauge is working great. Havent' replaced my speedo cable yet though.
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you will have to take apart the carb and will likely need a new gasket so you might as well have your carb rebuilt seeing how you have to buy a rebuild kit anyway, i would recomend you keep looking for a mechanic that is capable of doing a complete rebuild and replace the tps at the same time.
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Its in the carb,the top of the carb has to come off to change it.You will need a new bowl gasket to complete the repair.Also there is a small knockout plug that needs to be removed to adjust the tps,its near the accelerator pump lever.One question before you attempt this is your idle speed up too high?This will also set this code.If you dont have a good digital voltmeter dont even try.As for tearing a carb apart if you are nervous about it dont try.Carbs can be finicky if the adjustments are not correct.
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Best bet is to rebuild the carburetor replacing all the sensors, gaskets and control parts at this point. Likely old and tired.

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