1987 Plymouth - CV Joint will not stay in!!


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Angry 1987 Plymouth - CV Joint will not stay in!!

Ok, I have replaced the CV Joint 2 times and each time it keeps falling out. I have replaced the motor mounts so that there is no slop in the motor moving. Anyone have any other ideas????? Family car is out of commision and I don't know what to do? I've gotten fast at removing CV Joints! ha ha.

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Falls out of where? The transmission, knuckle, or off the shaft?
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The whole tripod falls out of the transmission.
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Is the retaining clip on the end of the shaft that inserts into the tranny? It sounds like it's missing or stuck in it's groove.

Actually...now that I think about what I'm saying, that won't cause your problem. There is another problem allowing too much space between the transaxle and the steering knuckle, causing the shaft to pull out of the tranny, not fall out.

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Did you replace ALL of the motor mounts? A worn front mount (often overlooked) will cause this problem.

Also, are the mounts adjusted properly? The pass. side mount has slotted mounting holes. These holes allow you to adjust the powertrain position from side to side.

Try this:


Position vehicle with wheels straight ahead and body weight distributed on all 4 tires.
Measure direct distance between inner edge of outboard boot to inner edge of inboard boot on both driveshafts, Fig. 10. On 1983 models equipped with 4-105 engine and manual transaxle, measure from outer edge of inboard flange.
Driveshaft length must be within specifications. If measurement is not within specifications, engine position must be corrected as follows:
Remove load from engine mounts by carefully supporting engine and transaxle assembly with a suitable jack.
Loosen right and left engine mount vertical bolts (1984---87 models, right only) and front engine mount bracket-to-crossmember attaching bolts.
Pry engine to right or left as necessary to bring driveshaft length within specifications. On 1984---87 models, left engine mount is sleeved over long support bolt and shaft, Fig. 16, to provide lateral adjustment whether or not engine weight is removed.
Torque engine mount vertical bolts to 250 inch lbs. and front engine mount bolts to 40 ft-lbs.
On 1984---87 models, center left engine mount.

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