coolant overflow


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coolant overflow

1993 Mercury Sable, 3.8L V6

Yesterday we noticed that the coolant had risen within the overflow reservoir and leaked out from the fill hole on top of the reservoir, enough to leave a noticable puddle under the car in the parking lot. The indicator on the instrument panel never moved from the "normal" range to suggest that the engine was overheating. After driving the short distance home and allowing the engine to cool, we checked the coolant level in the radiator, which was normal. The coolant level has been maintained between the "max" and "min" marks on the overflow reservoir and has not been overfilled. Can you suggest a posible cause for the coolant level change and loss from the reservoir? Thermostat? Water pump?

Because of a previously leaking heater core, a can of Prestone "stop-leak" has been added to the coolant system, but this has been at least 2 years ago.

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Stop leak is bad news...that stuff is hokey. We've got some problems there Houston..but anyhow.

If the coolant is burping out of the overflow either there is an air pocket(not likely) or it is overheating.

When's the last time the thermostat was changed and the cooling system serviced?

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