94 ford aerostar probs


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Question 94 ford aerostar probs

i have a 94 ford aerostar, 3.0, 6-cyl, rwd. i recently changed the sparkplugs, sparkplug wires, distibutor cap, and rotor cap. I was VERY careful to put the wires where they needed to go (on strong advice from friends). Now, the van will start fine, and idles fine. However, when you put the van in gear, or turn the AC on, then engine starts to sputter and tries to die. I can drive it, but there's a loss of power and it sounds as if it is missing and trying to backfire. Also, there is a strange smell, almost as if there is gas coming from somewhere. Could the van be getting flooded? Or is it still a problem with the electrical parts?
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Need more information.

Start by checking the links and codes in my signature file below.

Did the tune up cause all this? If so, recheck your work.
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Check for any vacuum leaks or lines you might of knocked off.Also
if you remove the air cleaner box make sure the small tube that goes into it is there.It's for the mass air flow sensor and if it's loose or out of it's slot it will cause your concern.

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