interior headliner repair


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interior headliner repair

I own a 1988 audi 5000s whose interior headliner has begun to sag and detach from the car's ceiling. I would like to repair it myself but don't have any idea on what to use to reattach it. Somebody help me please!

Also, my car has automatic climate control, but even though the a/c compressor sounds like it is engaging the car car only blows out hot air. I checked the anti-freeze and it is ok. Any ideas on what the problem could be?
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A/C problem: Freon leak more than likely. You must find and correct the leak before servicing the system and recharging.

Headliner problem: Take the board and fabric out as a unit and bring it to an auto trim shop. They will glue the new fabric to a clean board and return it to you. Reinstall it.

Gluing the old headliner is futile as the material has shrunk and the foam degraded.
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Roofliner problem

How did you get on with the roofliner? I seem to have the same problem.
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Since this thread is 5 yrs old I'm sure the op has fixed his headliner, probably doesn't even own the vehicle anymore. I've tried regluing a headliner in place and it's not a viable option. As Joe said you either need to take it to an auto trim shop or atleast remove it and apply new material.
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Taking it all out and DIY re-gluing isn't usually a good idea, either. When it started sagging it also started stretching. As an alternative, if the car is otherwise getting a little long in the tooth, they make little barbed tacks specifically for tacking up sagging headliner material. Not pretty, but functional if you don't want to go the time & trouble of a proper repair.
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You might be able to get a DIY headliner kit-if one is available for your model
They include a fiberglass or cardboard board and all the stuff you need

Frankly, in some parts of the country it's only about a hundred bucks to have it done professionally
The kits often start around there

The tacks, or spray adhesive, can "work", but usually are temporary, and usually don't look too good

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