brake light


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brake light

About six months ago we had a front & back brake job done on our 98 Ford Windstar.... pads, rotors, the works. Recently we have notice a squelling noise, and every now and then, the brake light comes on. We took it back to the garage. They said that could find nothing wrong. There was some brake dust which they cleaned up and that everything looked good. They test-drove it and said it was fine. On the way home, the brake light came on TWICE!!! Only for a few seconds, but it still came on. Any ideas??????
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I'm sure they checked the fluid level. Also check the actual sensor on the fluid reservoir. Sometimes they go bad. With the engine running, wiggle it a little. If the light comes on, then it's probably bad or dirty. Also, when the light come on, did it come on during braking, acceleration, over bumps?
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I agree. The light either comes on due to a bad sensor or a hydraulic leak..
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I believe trinitro hit it on the money.Check the fluid level.When they worked on the brakes they probably didn't top off the fluid due to the location of the mastercylinder(underneath the cowl panel).
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On many vehicle models the same "Brake" light would come on if the Parking Brake switch was out of adjustment and closing intermittently.

HTH Shoney
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brake light

Actually, if I remember correctly, it came on when I was turning. I'm gonna check the fluid level right away!!!!

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