1993 ford diesel


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1993 ford diesel

we just bought this truck and the oil pressure gauge doest seem to be working could you tell me where the sencors are located so we can check them he cant find them
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The oil pressure sensor is located behind the air cleaner.
You will need to remove the air cleaner and look at the very back of the engine.
But don't replace the sensor. The engines have a tendancy to vibrate the connection loose. A quick check to see if it is the connection is to pull the connector off, use a pair of pliers and CAREFULLY crimp the look that connects to the sensor.
Then push the plug back on and see if the guage works.
If it does, then the connector is the problem. If it doesn't, then you are only out the time to check it and you have confirmed it is either the sensor or the guage.
Then with the key on, plug off the sensor, ground the wire that went on the sensor and have someone watch the guage. If the guage moves all the way over, then the sensor is the problem.
If the guage doesn't move, then the guage is the problem.

My money is on the connector to the sensor. Very common for these trucks, as the connector just slips on.

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