Coolant flushing???


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Cool Coolant flushing???

I own a 1991 Ford F-150 4x4 pick-up with the 5.0L motor wich is in good cond with 165,000 miles on it.
I want to drain and flush the cooling system.The truck has a flushing attachment on the heater hose???How do I proceed
to flush with this?Should I us a product like "Prestone Super Flush"?
Also is one antifreeze better than another?And what about adding a water pump additive?It has the original waterpump still..
I have drained and flushed the system before,but never knew how to attach the hose,do you run the motor,etc???Thanks
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I suggest you buy a Prestone flush kit. It comes w/ a tee (which you already have & won't need) as well as a garden hose adapter/back flow preventer & a radiator neck adapter.

Follow the instructions that come with the kit.

DO NOT use any chemicals (Super Flush, water pump "conditioner" or other) when flushing. Using chemicals in a system this old is like asking for leaks.

Now would also be a good time to check/replace your coolant hoses, including the heater hoses and the small hoses that warm the throttle body. A new water pump (about $50), thermostat & serpentine belt wouldn't be a bad idea either, especially considering your truck's age & mileage.

Finally, collect your old coolant and dispose of it according to local guidelines. If you're not sure of the regulations in your state, contact your state dept. of natural resources.
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Flushing your cooling system

I think you are talking about the flushing T in your heater hose.
You will also need the double female hose adaptor to hook your hose to the T.

It is best to flush while the engine is running and the inexpensieve flushing kit comes with a water diverter to put into your cap hole as this is where the water will come out.

You dont need to have the water on full blast, just enough to maintain a good flow. All name brand Antifrezes offers better protection than no name, or the discount parts store name brand.

Hold the gallons side by side and read the difference and you will see that Prestone is better than Pepos Antifreze.

A 70% by 30% mix is reccomened. I am one of the few who use it right out of the bottle without adding water. But I have been taught different ways in what I have learned over the years as a working mechanic.

So not to start a big comotion here, you should follow your owners manual, and only stray from this advice if you want to as a DIYer.

Many owners manuals tell us to leave our 1 quart of dirty oil in the oil filter and add new oil. Then at the second oil change we are told to change the double dirty filter & oil. I believe that most of us change oil & filter every 3000 miles even though our owners manual do not tell us to.

I use pure antifreze for 4 years and then change it. I don't flush because I never have any build up in my cooling system. I have done this since 1970 in 7 cars & trucks in Ohio & Fla.

Even though only a small # of people do this, the vast majaroity believe they must add water. You will hear others warn you not to do it. However you deserve both sides as a Do It Yourselfer you have the right to think for yourself.

Good luck on your task, Marturo

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