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Three questions, same car: (1996 Mercury Sable)
1. Both blinkers don't work. It's not a fuse. What's should I check next?

2. This car has not been driven for a several months. The battery is dead. The battery is only about a year old. Anyway, used a jump starter on it and it started right up. Let it idle for about five minutes. Got in to take it for a drive to charge up the battery. I put it in gear and it instantly died. I went through the process again and the same thing happened. I have a battery charger. Will charging it to full power fix it, or should I suspect some other problem?

3. If a car has been sitting and hasn't accumulated enough miles for an oil change, should the oil be changed according to the date on the window sticker or is the oil still good.

thanks in advance for the education.
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first i would check all your lights such as park lights, tail lights, and brake lights replace any bulbs that may be burned out if turn signals still do not work i would expect a bad flasher.
you should charge up your battery if it has been dead for very long it may have to be replaced but you can put it on a slow charge overnight and see if it comes back up, you intake is likely carboned up and may need cleaning and can cause the car to die also cause it restricts the airflow around the throttle plate.
you should change the oil whether its due to mileage or age.
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Mistake!! Never try to charge a battery using the vehicles alternator to do so,especially on newer models.I agree with Bejay
you need to try the slow charge method first,and definatley change the oil.
I suggest getting the battery concern fixed first and then go after the dying concern because it might be related.Same with the turn signals=possibly not enough amperage(signals are controlled by a small computer called a GEM module on anything above a 1996.)

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