what sealant to use ?


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Question what sealant to use ?

I am trying to fix a leaky " rubber -to- plastic " seal in the bottom opening of an engine coolant reservoir jug. The rubber half of the seal is a rubber boot which enters the jug from underneath and wraps around and houses a sensor unit - the sensor sends a signal to the dash if the coolant level is LOW . The plastic half of the seal is the plastic reservoir jug which will contain hot engine antifreeze .
The correct sealant / glue is a mystery to me . The weight of approx 1.5 quarts of antifreeze will be forcing downward on the sealed area. So far , I tried 1-rubber cement , 2-a gooey resin used to seal the themostat gasket , 3- a black thick gooe which the local tire repair center uses to seal tires to the steel tire rims , though I believe that the guy did a quick , careless application which may not have been complete . Any ideas ?
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I would use silicone glue. It won't be affected by the antifreeze or its temp and since it's not holding any high pressure it should stick well to the parts. Just clean the parts as well as possible with water and alcohol and dry well before gluing. Let the glue cure overnight before refilling the reservoir.
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After all that, you might ask yourself what a new part costs. It's probably worth it to just buy the replacement part at the dealer and be done with it. You don't want all that goo floating around in there.

Have you priced out a new reservoir? They're about 20 bucks on most cars and many dealers can order them in a few days. Well worth the expense. You can also get a used one from a junkyard.

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