1993 Ford Aeorstar Problems


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Question 1993 Ford Aeorstar Problems

Cruise control and horn don't work but fuses are good, when i'm driving for a while, the airbag chime comes on. Ignition cylinder doesn't work right, could that be the cause of all the problems? I'm going to replace it anyway because it spins around when theres no key in it and the chime saying theres a key in it come on too with no key. How does the cylinder come out so i can insert another one? Another problem is the Airconditioning, it worked a month ago and now doesn't. The A/C clutch goes on and off, is that an indication of low refrigerant? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Cool Heavy keys/R134

In my opinion Ford has the worst ignition assembly there is on the market. But yes replace the tumbler assembly then look down the steering column, there will be a rod coming from the key assembly to the actual ignition switch. See if this Box has moved or looks like its been beat up etc. Sloppy action, burn marks, heat marks, cracked wires from heat. There is a heck of a lot of current going thru that switch. I had to replace my tumbler assembly in my T-Bird and Taurus wagon. Heard from the lock smith that Ford key assemblies are not designed to hold heavy key rings. I personally have seen the result of heavy keys in not only my car but others too.
As far as the A/C, take it to a shop and have them throw a gauge on it. If its acting up find and fix the leak? I would then switch it to R134 Freon. A pound of R12 is going for $35 here in town. And of course my air quits me Mine is leaking behind the pulley/clutch. Most likely will rebuild it soon, switch it over to 134 so I can charge it if it gets low. Go to jail for using R12 if not licensed!
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I agree with BigMike (Hello BigMike...)

However, the Ford AC issue is sometimes the spring lock couplers by the condenser. They aren't worth a wooden nickel and leak like wildfire. If they are wet with grease and oil, this is the likely source of the leak.

Be careful about switching to R134A without doing your homework. Each car varies as to what is needed to properly convert it.

I agree with BM on the ignition lock for starters (no pun intended). Lol.

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