88 Grand Marquis stalling when hot..also


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88 Grand Marquis stalling when hot..also

Help! My' 88 Mercury grand marquis starts easily & runs smoothly, but when it warms up, it tends to idle very low & then stall out.I checked for vacuum leaks & found none. Also,The check engine light does not come on till AFTER this happens.What should i look at first &what would be a common cause for this prob. on ford rwd cars...[please, i have no exp. with ford products!! ]
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Sorry, forgot to mention that it has a 302-5.0 v8w/4spd. auto., & has 119k miles...
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The TFI ignition module (mounted on the distributor) is a known sore spot and in fact was recalled/warrantied by Ford in a class action settlement.

Does the vehicle start right back up when it happens? Do you have spark all the time when it does happen?

If you look in the archives in this forum, you'll see that Knuckles has posted the link to the settlement with more information.

Get the latest and greatest Motorcraft part and install it. Go from there. You might need to purchase a 5.5mm special socket to remove it, as it's a tight fit there.

Also check the links and posts in my signature file below as well.
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In answering your question, Yes, it starts right back up after stalling but if i stop at a light or to pull in my driveway, even idling in park, it stalls out again. Right before it does stall, the engine slows down & speeds up repeatedly until it quits. Still sound like a possible TFI problem? Thanks for your response!!
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Im not 100% sure you have one but some older 5.0 fords with fuel injection port type not throttle body had a metal filter under the pcv.If it is clogged you could get this symptom along with some oil leaks now or very soon.You have to remove the pcv valve and grommet to see it at the back of the intake manifold under the plenum.To get it out turn a screw into it and pull out with pliers.This job is a pain.Good Luck

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