Lifetime Brake Pads, A Ripoff?


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Question Lifetime Brake Pads, A Ripoff?

I am having to replace the front brakes on my 99 Cougar, again. I'm a little confused about the term lifetime brake pads. Should I contact the dealer that replaced them the first time or is lifetime a gimmick?
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There is no such thing as lifetime break pads in reality. What you get when you purchase lifetime break pads (or lifetime anything else) is actually a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer or seller. Assuming that your supplier replaces your worn pads, it is not a rip-off. I nearly always buy break pads and linings for my do-it-yourself break jobs with lifetime warranties knowing that down the road I will have to replace them. But I also know the replacement will be free.
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Be careful, depending on how much more they cost for the lifetime warrenty. Most of these have stipulations that are impossible to meet--ie. they must be worn evenly--all pads--when they are wore out--to be covered under warrenty. We all know from experience that that "even wear" never happens! I also used to work at an auto parts store and we had to explain this to the customers all the time.
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I agree with both of these guys. A lot of companies have dropped their lifetime warranties due to taking a bath on warranty replacements.

No, it's not a rip off. You'll get a replacement set, but the labor is not covered.

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