1991 Camry problem


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1991 Camry problem

Help, please ...

1991 Toyota Camry DX, 4 Cylinder, automatic, 125,000 miles,
white color .

I did oil change before went on this long trip. It started to
hesitate and seemed missing cylinders when accelerating
after about 120 miles non-stop drive. I stopped at rest area,
add fuel injection fluid, add super Exxon gas (93), let the
engine cool down. The problem seemed happen much less
frequently. Second day (mostly local drive), a little hesitate
starting up but seemed ok after warm up. Third day on the
way back home, the water pump broke down. Towed to an
Exxon garage. They changed water pump and timing belt.
Started to have problem again after about 100 miles when
accelerating over 50 mph, especially going uphill. Got home

Now, it runs uneven at idle speed but seems running smoother
when engine is warm. It feels missing cylinders when ccelerating.
Also, radiator fluid flow to overflow tank when engine is hot. The
water level is very low (was full) when I open the cap after car
cooled down. The Exxon mechanic said could be the thermostat
malfunctioning that cause the engine “think” it’s overheat.

Can anyone tell me what’s my car’s problem and what need to be
done? It didn't have any problems before this (timing belt was
changed at 70K miles. Oil changed every 4-5k miles).

Thank you in advance;

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Try some of the links and posts in my signature file below.

Definitely change the thermostat. Pull out any trouble codes that might be stored in the computer.
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Thanks Joe.

I checked the TSBs from alldata. Couldn't see any code
related to my camry's problem (The TSB titles are not
quite descriptive.). But I did find a Q&A from Jim Grant's
Tech Tips & Trivia that seems related to my Camry's
problem. Here's the link, in case anyone interested to know.


Now, my question is how difficult it is to change the thermostat
myself. (I did oil change, headlights, batteries and break fuild.)

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if it seems like it is dropping out cylinders on acceleration it is likely an ignition problem, have you tried sparkplugs and a set of plugwires.
when you say its blowing back coolant into the overflow, how much, is it overfilling the overflow does the engine seem to be overheating, it is normal for the level to go up and down a little between a fully warm engine and a cold engine.
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I was thinking the same until I read the following


The guy “John” did all the things you mentioned above
but the problem didn’t go away.

The coolant blow to the overflow and made it full. I can
see the metal inside the radiator when engine is cool and
the coolant reaches to the cap when engine is just become
warm (It only takes about 5 minutes). The up and down
level seems too big. The engine doesn’t seem overheat
at all.

I found the instruction and chart for replacing the
Coolant Temperature Sender from
http://www.autolibrary.org. But the drawing is not
quite clear where the Sender is. Does anyone know a
better picture so that I can identify where the Sender
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i would try a new radiater cap and see if that fixes the overflow problem.
i doubt replacing the coolant sensor will fix any of your running problems but try it if you want to, before you spend to much on replacing parts you may want to take it to a shop and have it diagnosed you can still fix the problem yourself if you feel comftorable doing so but taking it to a shop can atleast tell what exactly needs to be done to fix your problem.
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It's usually in the thermostat housing area. A quick call to any Toyota dealer will get you the location in a jiffy.

The autolibrary.org site should have a good picture/procedure for the t/stat change.

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