Fuel Pressure on 85 Nissan 300ZX


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Lightbulb Fuel Pressure on 85 Nissan 300ZX

My son has an 85 Nissans 300ZX which appears to have fuel injection or fuel line problems. Actually, I think we have ruled out fuel line problems but then again, maybe not. I am not sure I understand fuel injection vehicles but my brother wanted me to find out how much pressure a 300 ZX requires because he has a guage to test to see if its putting out enough pressure......Can anyone help me with this question.

My brother took off some kind of hose and sprayed starter cleaner in it and some how the car started right up but would not stay started. He then took a hose off the fuel line and as we tried to turn the car over, fuel came flowing through which told him fuel is flowing but now its a question as to how much fuel is flowing I suppose.

Any suggestions?
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See if the specs are located at www.autolibrary.org below.

If not, time for a Nissan service or manual or at minimum a Chilton or Haynes from the library or the parts store.

Those 80's 300ZX's are pesky and expensive cars. Nice looking, but at this stage of the game they start to get expensive and soak you fierce for parts and upkeep .
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Be careful with these cars--they had a major recall due to the cars burning up from fuel leaks in the injection system! If it hasn't been fixed yet nisson will still do it for free!
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Thanks you Joe and Redneck.....The site at the autolibrary was just what I needed. Just ordered a Chilton book so it should arrive soon.

I know these kind of cars look and sound really good, but if it were my choice, I wouldn't have purchased it. My son fell in love with it cuz its KEWL as he says, but being 16, he has a lot to learn!! No tickets or accidents yet....otherwise the car goes to me! whoo hooo! lol Forget about strike 1,2 and 3...the first strike will be his last!

Have a good one!!

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