engine swap


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engine swap

I have a 1989 Ford F-250 4WD with a 351 engine with a standard transmission. I would like to know if anyone can tell me if a 302 out of a 86 F-250 will go in the 89. Do I have to change any wiring
Any infomation will be appreciated.
Thank you
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Call one of your local junkyards (aka auto recyclers). They will have publications with that info.

Keep in mind that an F250 4x4 is going to be pretty severely underpowered running on a 302.
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Likely will work, but as TowGuy said...why?

A 351 is a pig on power as it is, a 302 will be a stone in something that large .

Stick with the 351 and replace/rebuild that.

The book you want is the Hollander Interchange manual, which most yards have.
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Easy swap both motors are pigs--if you are getting the 302 cheap or free and it is a good motor--then go for it. Engine size has nothing to do with usable power in trucks--they are made to work not go fast. Ford put millions of 6 cylinders in these trucks--it is all in the gearing!
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I disagree. It all depends on how it's packaged.

Rear ends come with different transmissions, engine combinations, emission combinations, etc.

You might have a light duty rear in a 6 cylinder model but a beast of one in an 8 cylinder.

Start fooling around with that and you'll wind up with a stone for power and hauling and probably one that delivers WORSE fuel mileage than before. An underpowered truck will use as much fuel as one that has good power.

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