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Unhappy honda accord question

Hi, All,
Would someone be of help? I spend alot of money to fix the "chill" of my engine, its '94 honda accord. I already cleaned the entire aircon system and replace spare parts needed. Also, I replaced my ACV (air control valve) near the electronic fuel injection (the little thing). Still the engine chills. This is how it goes, every morning I start my car and heat it for 5-10 mins the rpm goes above 1. When it goes down into between 800-1000 rpm, and step the gas until it reaches 4rpm try to let the gas by itself and suddenly it goes below 100 rpm and it chills or the whole body vibrates. What will I do to prevent this problem? I hope someone could help me on this. Thanks in advance.
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You could have a bad coolant sensor which is fooling the computer due to a bad signal.

Quite possibly you have a vacuum leak as well. I would suggest you bring it back to the shop that did the work on the other items and make them find and fix your problem. It's obvious that the other attempts didn't fix the problem, yet you were charged for them.
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Smile Thanks

Hi, Joe,

Thanks for the reply, I forgot to tell you that I am encountering the same problem eventhough the aircon is off. Does it do anything with the idler or on the electronic fuel injection (EFI)? Someone told me that I should check and adjust the compensator (its kinda adjuster for idling and aircon). Do you have any idea from where the compensator is located? Does accord have this?

Thanks again and hoping for your reply.

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No! Don't adjust the idle. The cause of the surging should be found.

Have the throttle body cleaned out and the idle air control valve checked. It should raise the idle a bit when the AC is on.

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