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Tony Cooper
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Angry Toyota Camry

I have a 1992 camry,4cyl. It died on my wife,when I got to looking at it...the dist.cap's wire was burned in two.I replaced that & it would run but felt like it was missing,so I replaced plugs,plug wires and it ran fine when it was cold but after heating up it would miss and eventually die.I replaced the timing belt and set the timing.It would still run when it was cold but sputter and die when it heated up.I checked fuel pressure and cleaned the injectors,still the same thing. Now over the last two days it has gotten to where it won't crank,the car will turn over but won't start. I ohmed out the ignition coil, it is internal inside the dist. cap,it checked out fine.
I am beginning to think something was going bad and maybe surged & burnt the old dist. cap but did not go all the way out,thats why it would run good cold & then falter when it heated up.
The plugs are firing, it is getting fuel,& the timing is set .....what am I missing.....any ideas will really be helpful!!
Thanks Tony Cooper
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Toyota could not keep distributors on the shelf back then.They came with dist,coil,pickup,igniter,cap,rotor and wires.I hope you used Toyota wires aftermarket wires usually wont do.Your coil could be shorted and you would never see the arcing since its in the cap.Try grounding the lug where the spark comes out of the coil,with cap removed.If spark jumps across the coil small or large amount you most likely need a coil.Ive seen this many times.
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Tony Cooper
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Thanks man, I have been leaning towards the coil but it ohmed out good , so I have been doing alot of head scratching...I will give it a try and let you know if it works.......
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Elementary question, but has merit.

Do you get spark at the plugs? If you don't, then I suspect a coil or igniter.

See if has the specs/test procedures on either. Let us know what you find.
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Tony Cooper
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Yes ...I have spark, fuel and timing.....any ideas?
Thanks ,Tony
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Ya, but spark where?
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Tony Cooper
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Davo, Replaced ignition coil. The car is running like a cat with hotsauce on it's ass. Thanks........Tony Cooper

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