1995 transmission

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1995 transmission

I have a 1995 Plymouth Voyager W/ automatic transmission. I have had it to the mechanics twice now. the first time was to have a transmission put in. When I picked the van up and began to drive it home the pointer indicator would go between P R N D etc.There was no low gear. I spoke to the mechanic he assured me it would not hurt to drive it this way and I related to him I was not pleased with it. He told me to bring the van back the next week and he would adjust it. In the mean time there while I was driving it the next day smoke began to roll out from the back. I was approximately 5 miles from my house so I drove it back. When I got it home transmissin fluid was pouring out. I contacted the mechanic again and he said a hose probably came loose. Well I took it back a second time, I went to pick it up today and the pointer indicator is still off and now when you put it in gear it makes a whining noise. The mechanic told me it was the solenoid power pack for the transmission and new transmissions do that. Well I'm no mechanic but come on now, how come it did'nt do it the first time I picked it up???? I need to know if there could be such a thing making that noise, and is it suppose to? Would the transmission have been damaged from driving it when it was smoking and the fluid coming out??? I need to know the answers to these questions when I go to pick it up so I can be on the same playing ground as the mechanic Right now I'm at his mercy because I don't know a thing about it. Help!!!!!
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Dump this clown. He's clueless.

No, transmissions should not smoke. The gear indicator should be correctly pointing to the gear selected and it's likely that his "rebuild" was incorrectly done and he's trying to cover up his sins.

Give this bozo one more chance to get it right. If not, have it fixed elsewhere and ask for your money back from this guy. If he refuses, take him to court to rectify the situation.

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