1998 Honda Accord


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Unhappy 1998 Honda Accord

Could someone help me.

I haved had nothing wrong with my car since i got it... Two nights ago, I left the light inside the car (my door was open) for about half an hour. It worked fine yesterday, until i was going home and it didn't start. My boss gave me a jump and now it works. But it's still slow to start. It starts but when i turn the key, it doesn't start as fast. Is this a problem with the battery (do i have to get a new one?), a problem with the alternator? starter?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Start the car, and measure the voltage of the battery with all of the accessories off. It should be around 14.5 or so volts. Then add the accessories (lights, AC, defroster) and look at the voltage. It should still be above 13 or so volts. If it is not, then the alternator is not charging enough. But I'm willing to bet it is, and that the battery is not holding a charge. This is a 4 year old battery after all.
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I agree. Sounds like a bad battery.

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