Audi 5000 Ignition Problems


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Audi 5000 Ignition Problems

I have an 86 Audi 5000 that won't start. I turn the key, get power but the vehicle does not try to start. I was told that I had faulty wiring in the steering column. Anyway to bypass this to get vehicle started? It might be a bad starter trigger switch. Please let me know ASAP. Thank you.
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When you say get power, you mean the dashboard lights come on? When trying to start, check to see if you get 12V at the starter solenoid (the small wire at the starter). If you do, the starter is bad. If you don't, then either the wire is cut, or the ignition switch is bad. You can check either one pretty easily. If the car has a security system, there may be a stuck relay.
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Thank you for your suggestion. I will try that.

Yes when I turn the key I get all dashboard lights, radio, power locks, windows, exterior lights etc but the vehicle does not try to start. It just sits there nice and quiet collecting spider-webs.

If it is the ignition switch is there anyway to bypass this? At least once so I don't have to pay for a tow?
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Find the starter. Take a hammer and tap on the body.

Now try to start the car. Try it a few times. If it starts, bad starter. Replace it with an Audi or Bosch rebuilt.

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