AC in my Celica


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Angry AC in my Celica

My A/C turns on and then cut out after 5 seconds, and A/C light blinks. There isnt any cool air coming out. I thought maybe it needed refrigerant but I put R134 in it and it still does the same thins. My car is a 1990 Toyota Celica.***I should have mentioned, I did conver to R134. I didnt mix R12 and R134.

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Get an electrical schematic for the system and go from there.

Try to see if they have one.
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R134 in a 1990???
Has the car been converted from R12?
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dirty dan could be right. Check for markers showing it has been converted. Yor a/c light could be responding to high head pressure due to an overcharge or putting 134a on top of R-12.
Best bet would be to go to a good A/C shop and admit your mistake.
If you don't tell the whole story you could give your tech a major headache and have to be paying for him to stand there and scratch his head!
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Whoa. I didn't see that information the first time....

I agree. Time to bail out and get professional service. Tell them what you did.

In the future, NEVER mix refrigerants, it can damage the system. The oil used for R134A is seldom compatible with R12 oil.

1990 would be R12 from the factory.
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Good luck getting a shop to recover contaminated refrigerant.You see they may have a 30# tank say half full and if they recover yours its all bad,so they lose big time.I would not contaminate hundreds of dollars of r-12 at my expense would you?Please make sure you added 134 to your system the fittings are different than r-12 fittings.
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The reason the a/c lite is blinking is because the system has a fail safe for lock -up of the drive belt. It has an RPM sensor on the compressor. When the comp RPM differ a predetermined amount(about 100rpm) from engine RPM the A/C amp shuts the clutch off. It will work again for about 5 sec if you shut A/C switch and the turn it on again.

Problem areas are speed sensor, broken speed sensor wiring to a/c amp, bad clutch, loose belt or on the outside a/c amp. Anything that causes a speed diff between the two

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Refrigerant re-use.

I seldom re-use refrigerant removed from systems that only use a couple of pounds of refrigerant. There are a large number of replacements out there and an equal number of so-called mechanics that improperly mark a system or don't even use proper procedure for conversions. All the refrigerants that I do not know for a fact are what they should be, go into a cylinder for destruction.
Too many mechanics (and I use that term loosely) work on a belief based knowlege system.
This system is based on what they "feel" about a particular problem and is not based on proven facts, but on heresay and unfounded theories.
Not to use this thread as a soapbox for qualified mechanics, I feel that consumers sometimes ask for it.
Some people have bars on the windows and monitored alarms on their homes, an alarm on their cars that say" please step back from the car" and use a club, carry pepper spray or a gun AND buy all kinds of insurance and hire a lawyer to help them buy a house.
These are the same people that find it easier to just "trust" a tradesman and pay the bill, than it is to learn about their machinery.
I take great pleasure in having an inteligent conversation with my clients about problems because an informed sale is the easiest sale in the world to make.
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If memory seves me correct check for a broken wire where the wire tie for the speed sensor wire at the lower rad hose. Don't look at the wires, remove the tie and tug on each wire by grasping a section. The insulation rarely breaks, but the copper wire does. It's broken if it stretchs


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