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Unhappy car air conditioner

I have a 1988 Celebrity. The air conditioner works and blows out cold air, but only at higher speeds. When I am driving slow, below 45-50 only warm air blows out. When I press the gas pedal hard (for only a second or two), it then starts blowing out cold air. It will continue to blow out cold air until I slow down. Can anyone help?
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Check the radiator fan. It should run whenever the a/c is on. If it's not running, the a/c won't work at low road speeds & the car may overheat in traffic.
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Question air conditioner

Knuckles, Thanks so much for the information. The fan did not come on when the a/c was running. Another question: Do you think this problem would be a switch, belt or what? I am not mechanical and would like to have an idea of the problem when I take it in to be fixed. Thanks.
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Your problem will be electrical, probably a switch or relay.
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You don't mention which engine you have in this Celebrity, but many of this vintage had a separate radiator fan switch that turned on the fan. That is the likely problem.

The fan motor itself could be bad, it could have a burned connector, or the motor could be burned out/shorted. It's easy to check, just bring power from the fan from the battery. If the fan spins freely, it's fine, whatever controls it is bad.
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air conditioner fan problem

Thanks for the reply. Upon further testing: once the car is running and the temperature is in the normal range, I turn the a/c on and the fan blade does not turn. I can get it to turn if I tap on the connection closest to the fan blade or if I push down on the accelerator fairly hard while in the park postion. Not being able to drive with the hood up, I do not know at what point the fan blade stops turning. Would this probably still be a switch or relay? The celebrity is a V6 2.8 liter. Thanks again.
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If you are able to tap the connection and get it working again, I would say check the plug/pigtail to the motor.

Check for looseness of the pigtail and for burned contacts first. If so, replace it.

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