actuator valve on blend door

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Angry actuator valve on blend door

I sent you a question a couple days ago about a flapping sound under the dash. You suggested the actuator valve. Does the whole heater box have to come out to get to this switch? Thanks.
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Since you didn't keep this reply/post with the original post, and since we get hundreds of posts a day here, I have no idea what vehicle you are talking about

That being said, what does have to say? What does your service manual say?
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actuator valve

I appologize, I realized I didn't state the vehicle after I sent the post. It,s a 1991 GMC pickup. Thanks
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Again, what does or your service manual have to say about the R&R procedure?
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Thumbs down

No reply, I,ll find my answer somewhere else, again.
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So be have been provided an answer and a question for which you did not reply to MY question which likely has the ANSWER to yours

Remember, this is done for free, no one HAS to answer your question. We CHOOSE to help

Bearing that in mind, I'll ask it again, what the links I provided have to say about this problem?

What does your service manual say about the problem?
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Some help !! More questions then answers!!!
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Because unless you answer MY questions (which provide the answers by the way), you're not likely to get anywhere. I ask them for a reason...

Let's review this post in some depth:

1) The original post did not include the make nor the model, as we requested. I'm good, but I'm not a mind reader, I cannot tell you what you're driving. Strike 1 already.

2) That being said, is a FREE, yes FREE link that answers nearly half the questions most folks post. Starting there and with the links and posts in my signature file (which follow every post I make) is a prerequisite. I'm not going to retype what's already been said by Chilton.

3) Since the original poster didn't tell us that the answer was found there, nor did the poster tell us if he/she has a service manual (another prerequisite, you wouldn't go to a doctor that didn't have the most updated medical books, would you???), we again do not know what we're working with here. The batter should already be sitting on the bench in my belief.

Remember, I could be thousands of miles away and I'm not at the machine. The poster has to be my eyes and ears.

Again, I ask questions often times because they lead you to the answers. When you've answered 5000+ posts and helped numerous people fix cars without ever seeing them in person, we'll talk shop.

Until then, I'll do the asking of the questions that are relevant to getting the answers, and I'll continue to do it. .

I'd say our track record here is pretty good, wouldn't you?


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