Idle Problem when starting '93 Ranger 4cyl

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Question Idle Problem when starting '93 Ranger 4cyl

The problem I am having is - that when I start my '93 Ranger 4cyl, the check engine light will come on and it idles up and down almost stalling, the exhaust smokes and is really stinky, the battery gauge fluctuates up and down also.. This happens for about 2-5 minutes, and then it will go "puhf" and the light will go off and it will run like nothing ever happened.. it started doing this intermittantly, now it is happening every time I start up(after the truck has sat for several hours). A friend tried to read codes but it wouldn't come up with anything, I changed the O2 sensor and tuned it up, that seemed to help.. for about 3 weeks, but the problem came back and it is worse now. If anyone has any other ideas, I would love to know.
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Idle fluctuation like that is usually dirt in the throttle body or a bad idle air control valve (mounted to the side of the throttle body and looks like a cigar with a flat mounting base).

Get the Ford approved throttle body cleaner, and give it a good swipe in there. As for pulling your codes, Autozone or most auto parts retailers can rent you a code reader/scanner to determine what the codes are. You can also follow the instructions in Knuckles' website,

Let us know what you find.

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