1998 Ranger- vent problems

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1998 Ranger- vent problems

I just got the A/C fixed on my truck, which is great-- only now the vent air is only blowing out of the defroster, no matter what setting I put it on. I looked under the dash and found a rod which, when I pushed it in, the air started blowing out of the correct vents again. However, as soon as I let go, the rod came back out and air only blew out of the defrost vents again. Any tips on how I can fix this?
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Hit the dealer's parts counter for an exploded view of the system.

Find whatever controls the rod (may be a diaphragm). That is the likely culprit and the problem part.
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Check to see if all the vacumn lines got hooked up again. There are a few behind the control panel on the dash. It can be a pain to pull apart, you may be able to look and feel under the dash (maybe?)
I would start where the control arm is at. One end of it has to be connected to a diaphram, this is controled by vacumn. If you can find this line, disconnect it and attach a short hose back up to it and see if you can control the diaphram with vacumn at that point. Either with a vacumn pump or just suck on the hose to see if you can move the rod. If this works, the diapharm is good and you will have to trace the control hose up to the control panel.
I have 1979 F150 and had the same problem, found the control switch for the vacumn lines had a leak in it and was not able to hold enough vac to engage the diaphrams. Ford used the same part in many different years, so I went to a "dismantleing yard" and got one there for a fairly cheap price.

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