Car won't take jump


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Unhappy Car won't take jump

Car overheated on expressway, had it towed home. Checked all fluids, coolant was low (1/2 gallon into cold engine). Car cranks 4-5 times then stops. Car won't take jump. Cranks the same 4-5 times. Any direction is greatly appreciated. I've worked on many car repair projects, just need the diagnostic help.

Note: car has been having intermittant trans problems, late shifting. Don't know if it could be related.
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you didn,t say what type of vehicle, or engine size or give any details if it overheated badly i would suggest you pull all sparkplugs and then see if engine cranks over it may be getting coolant into cylinder and locking up the engine.
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It's a 93 Lumina van w/6 cyl (3.1l). The car actually just stopped running while I was driving. I guess it overheated badly, took quite a while to cool down. Didn't see any antifreeze on the dipstick. Guess I'll start with a fully charged battery and check the plugs. Where do I check for coolant, in the socket? If I was getting coolant into the cylinder, I'm dead, right?
Any more input appreciated.
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Start with a fully charged battery and a cool engine.

Start with my post "The Basics" to see if you lack spark, fuel or both.

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