gas guage

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gas guage

The gas guage on my 1997 Geo Tracker stopped working.
A local dealership told me that my two options are:

1) purchase new instrument cluster ( $800.00 ) yes thats " eight
HUNDRED dollars or

2) have original instrument cluster rebuilt ( $300.00 - $400.00 )

Shurly there is a reasonable alternative. I am not concerned about appearances. Is there an aftermarket generic gas guage
available to dash mount or something similar.

Would appreciate any info
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Depending upon what's wrong with the gauge, if the gauge is malfunctioning of is there a problem in the gas tank. If the problem is in the gauge itself, you can get one at a junkyard, buy another gas gauge or use mileage to fill up.
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Did the garage run any tests? There are quite a few different possibilities as to why your gauge does not work. Is this the only thing not working or are the other gauges/lights not working?
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I agree. Make sure the problem is the dash gauge...they rarely do go bad.

You can get one at the junkyard which is a much better option. I wouldn't put 800 bucks into a Metro over the LIFETIME of the car, no less in one shot! Lol.
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just a tip till its fixed

I had a 86 Nova that the fuel guage did not work on I bought it that way from a friend.I used the trip meter as a way to tell how much fuel I had.I knew that it would go 300 miles before the little fuel light would start to go about 260 miles I knew it was time to get gas.Hey its not high tec but it works.I never did fix the guage because it became second nature to reset the trip guage at each fill.Good luck
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If the gauge IS the problem, you might try to find a used cluster at:

Fill out the parts request form. There is bound to be a yard in the country with a spare cluster that they can sell you reasonably.

I assume the gauge is not available separately from GM? How about Suzuki who makes this shoe for GM? Try them. The Metro is a Swift POS, I mean a Swift in disguise .

I would normally agree with Michael's method, except idling here in NYC would put you out of gas in a heartbeat .
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Since my original post I have learned that the tank float assembly is functioning as well as all other sensing and sending componants.

The gas guage alone can be purchased separately for about $75.00.

This will be my first approach.

If this fails I will locate and replace the entire cluster.

Thanks to all for your assistance, and JOE F the only time I was ever in N.Y. (Manhatten) my rental car ( big mistake I know) very seldom idled while I attempted to dodge the taxi's. Your city is
awsome however and I loved the visit !
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I've seen after market gas gauges for about that, too. May not look stock, but who cares. It may look better.

I'm with M. Van. I'd shoot for a fill up every few hundred miles or so. You'll get the hang of it after a few fill-ups.

I did have a friend with a 92 Escort that he took all the way to 88 MPH. The needle stuck. Yes, his parents took his driver's license when they found it (they knew it stuck there for a reason b/c he did the same dang thing to their 1997 T Bird V-8 at about 85 MPH buy it corrected itself after a while)
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If you are sure the gas gauge is the problem, get the GM # from any GM dealer and go to:

They charge GM whole prices for GM parts plus shipping. You might save a few bucks that way.

When I go to NYC, I generally take public transportation unless I go with friends or we've got a known place to park .

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