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cruise control

I recently purchased a 1990 Plymouth Laser and the seller informed me that the cruise control does not work. I found an installation manual for this "after market" system in the glove box and followed the troubleshootiung guide (which was very in depth"). All the electrical and vacuum checks are good but when I got under the car to inspect the pick-up coil and magnets (installed on the drive shaft), I found that the magnets are gone. There is no company name on the manual. only a phone number (area code 919) which has been disconnected. I went to napa and autozone and they could not help me out. Does anyone know why the magnets are there (I know it detects car speed, but how does it work with a coil pointing at it) and what could I use as a replacement. The manual states that the magnets are "zipped-tied" 180 degrees from each other on the drive shaft with the coil 1"+/- 1/4" away from the magnets.
Thanks for the info...Dean
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The magnets will induce ac voltage as they pass the magnet inside the pickup,I would assume the system is using hertz frequency to perform its calculations.I would go to a hobby store and by 2 little magnets and use 5 minute epoxy to secure them,if it doesn't work you will be out under 10 bucks.
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You could try JC Whitney as they are famous for selling those types of kits, but most aftermarket cruise control is hokey and not worth a darn as they are more trouble than they are worth.

My 79 Trans Am had that from the first owner and after I contacted him, some 15 years after he sold the car, he agreed with me, "Hokey". He subsequently removed it. Not worth a darn and kept cutting the car out.
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I purchased 2 little magnets from a hobby store for a couple of bucks and glued them onto the driveshaft with 5 minute epoxy and also zipped-tied them. The cruise control now works!! Thanks for the info...

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