'87 Pulsar speedometer,fuel,Temp guages


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'87 Pulsar speedometer,fuel,Temp guages

I have a 1987 Nissan Pulsar that's possessed. The speedometer,fuel gauge, and temp guage work occassionaly.And never at the same time. It's a 5-spd , most of the time I judge my speed by the tach. Been like this awile,but with the new inspection in NJ, someone actually drove it and found out the speed. didn't work, it wont pass inspection. The guy that inspected it says he'll replace the speedometer cable, $490.00. But, if the gauge works occassionaly, is it really just the cable?

Thanks,Terry C.
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That sounds high for a cable change. My guess is a ground problem. If all of the gauges don't work, I would say there is a wiring or ground problem to the cluster. Many can be fixed by sending them out for repair.

Check for loose wires and burned connections yourself. Many Nissans have electronic speedometers without cables and aren't worth a darn.

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