mazda 626 oil filter


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mazda 626 oil filter

Prob. an ez question: where is oil filter on:
2002 Mazda 626
Auto/Air ??
Also, owner's manual says "need special tool to tighten filter, so have dealer do oil change."
Is special tool just maybe a filter wrench???
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Never heard of such a thing. You might want to inquire with the service dept of the Mazda dealer. Have them show you the tool and get the part # of the tool. You should be able to buy it from Mazda.

It might be a really funky wrench to get in a tight spot. If so, get the tool, although that's a silly system in my belief .
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Thanks, Joe....tho "silly" wasn't exactly the word in my mind. Something a little stronger......
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Lol. Mazda in general is ______ (fill in the explicative). Lol.

However, we'll keep it family-oriented for the benefit of all involved.

Never liked Mazda. Their hook-in with Ford seals their doom with me .

My .02
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The special tool I've always used in changing an oil filter is a Channellock 460, works with any car.

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