water bubble on paint


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water bubble on paint

I have a 94 silverado, black that I take extreme care of, in the winter after driving I would rinse off the under side but noticed yesterday under the lower near the cab corner on right side (extended cab) there was a pencil eraser sized water bubble.
I popped it , cleand, lightly sanded although there was not a speck of rust, and painted with touch up.
4 hours later it was back.
Checked with a fine piece of wire in between the 2 panels through a drain hole and very little dirt inside but rinsed out anyway as much as I could.
No rust on this area at all, just a shiny metal.
Is there actually a small hole that is unseen in the metal that would go all the way through?
The truck has no rust anywhere and is begining to get me nervous,
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Check and see if any water is coming from anywhere.

Was the truck ever repainted in that spot?
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No, never repainted.
It did rain this morning and I did rinse out as posted when I got home from work and took a air hose and blew all the excess water out from between the panels through the weep hole
.Waited and hour since it ended up being very warm and no signs of water anywhere.
Removed small primer I added and waited 30 min and reapplied.
Half hour later a pin tip sized blister was forming again through the primer.
I must also say that the bubble was about 6" from the actual corner of the cab corner with no dirt inside as if being able to sit in a corner.
The original blister was perfectly round when I popped the paint away with a pointed exacto knife and possibly a nearly invisible small black spot in the center.
Can the metal itself hold moisture and should I actually wait a day or so with no rain and do this again?
Just seems to me that there is a minute hole that goes through that is not noticeable with the naked eye and any water on the back side forces through.
This is right on the lower edge after it rolls under body so water cant sit??
How about crap infected metal?
Sorry for the long post
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I wonder if the primer or paint you are using is reacting to the original finish.
Sometimes an enamel based finish will react to laquer.
Try this; Lightly sand the spot and clean it with soap. Use a hair drier to dry it good making sure to not overheat the area. Use an automotive type primer-sealer. The sealer may insulate the old from the new finish. Then try the topcoat when thouroughly dry.
You have to be carefull with some finishes as they have to be applied when the primer is either freshly cured or after an extended curing period.
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Well I am trying again.
Went down to local paint supplier and had them mix up a touch up bottle of my color, and an aerosol container of self etching primer.
Applied both and am waiting for results.
So far so good .
If this holds out until the next time I wash it or it rains( cant tell if water needs to get up underneath or just on surface)
and it forms a blister what would be the next step?
Person at shop thought it looked strange and said it looked like a spot weld, just a little odd of a spot.
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Makes no sense to me.
I completely made sure it was dry last night.
Covered with self etching primer and top caoted with black both from paint supplier.
Waited untill tonight and rinsed off outside and underneath inside panels through drain holes and within a hour or less a tiny spot of water was makeing its way through.
How in the hell can water on a curved edge, if there is a hole through, force its way through and yet through paint that fast?
I have rinsed out that section as best I could and the water comes out clean.
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Im wondering if you have a very small hole in the body of the truck and the previous owner used a silicone based product on the interior.This could cause this problem paint will not adhere to anything that has silicone applied.armorall,son of a gun and others even spraying a door jamb ,silicone floats everywhere.At my shop we quit using them because the paint shop had problems.
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I know this might sound extreme, and I do not really want to do this but I know the exterior is clean, inside panel, dont know for silicone but no dirt what so ever.
This area I removed paint and primer and sprayed some water back up inside and there was a very,very small dropplet of water (pin head size)within minutes so there must be a hole that is not visible other than locateing it with water.
I do not know from previous owner but myself have used armor all on door weather strip and panels on door and extended cab section of interior side panels.
Back to begining of post-since this is such a hard place to do anything on the back side of panel,and hole so small that I cant see would it be best to drill outwith a small bit and apply filler and re touch up?
The ever so small hole that might be there gives me nothing to work with as far as trying to seal ,or would I make this even worse than what it is?

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