"ERROR" on the odomoter


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Question "ERROR" on the odomoter

I changed out the headlight/dash switch. When I turned it on the ERROR came up on the odomoter. (1993 Aerostar) Can I fix it or do I have to take it to Ford Service? Thanks for any advice
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Check with www.autolibrary.org to see if they have anything on that.

Never heard of that when changing the dash switch.
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Is the odometer reading in that van a digital one? If so the mileage could be redundantly stored in the headlight switch control unit and changing it could have triggered an odometer tampering warning....
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The odometer is digital, but Ford stores the mileage in a chip within the instrument cluster assy.

Check your inst. panel connections & grounds. If they're all good, do as the service manual says & replace the inst. cluster. Your local Ford dealer can have your existing unit rebuilt or exchange it for a reman unit if you supply accurate mileage & proof of ownership.

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