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Unhappy air conditioner

my air conditioner in my 98 jeep cherokee 4.0 dosn't blow cold air anymore. the compressor clutch cycles every 5 seconds. i show 60 lbs on the low pressure side. do i just need more refridgerant??????
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60 on the low side. I'm not familiar with r-134 pressures so I can't say from that reading.

You should put the pressure gauge on and run the a/c. Write down when the compressor kicks off and when it kicks back in.

Chances are that you are low on refrigerant, but you should have a reading on the high side with the a/c running as well.

Go to . They have a couple of discussion forums there to help you with your a/c system. You should study up before you try to add refrigerant.

If you add too much, the least that could happen is poor a/c performance. The worst is a blown relief valve with potential for frozen eyes.... not good!

good luck.
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Jeep man

Definitely sounds like your low on Refrigerent.

I think you are saying that the system pressure is 60 with the compressor off on the low side. With the ac recovery machines today, the best thing to do is to recover and check the amount of freon in the system. Their should be a sticker stating what your vehicles capacity is.

1. Recover refrigerant(to check the level)

2. Visually check the system for leaks(or use a sniffer if you have one, visual works cuz oil circulates with the freon and you can see the residual oil with dirt stuck to it).

3. Pull a vacuum on the system for 15 to 30 minutes.

4. Add some dye so the leak can be easily found in a month or two.

5. Charge the system up and check the pressures and vent discharge temperature.


Add a can or two with a decent set of gauges.
Ambient temperature, interior temperature, and system charge level will affect the pressures...

Good luck
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jeepman those cherokees were noted for bad evap cores(leaking)
just a heads up on where to look first.
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Is the low side showing 60psi when the compressor is kicked in or when it's off?

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