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Talking carburation

was wondering if you could give me some info on how to adjust my carburetor on my chevy gmc truck black smoke and running bad
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Maybe....if we knew the year & engine size of your truck!

Did you bother to read the very first post at the top of this forum? The one titled "Announcement: Before posting, please read!"???

We're mechanics, not mindreaders! We can't give you useful information unless you give us an idea of what you're working on.
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I suggest you order both the shop manual and Doug Roe's carburetion book to learn about your carburetor before turning a screw.

Carbs can be a bit daunting to the first time DIY'er. I agree with Knuckles, we need more information to help.
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Yes, do get a book. There are a lot of screws on carburetors, and not all of them are suppose to be adjusted. Its not hard to turn the wrong one and/or forget just how far you turned it and what direction. Can really get one out of wack! Not all carbs are equal, either. Designs are different when you get into different brands and sizes.

These guys will tell you exactly what to do when they know everything about the carb (size, 2barrel/4barrel?) and the vehicle (engine size, year of truck, etc). The book is important since it will help you to identify which parts of the carb they're speaking of. Another really useful number is the number off the carburetor. A ton of useful info there. Mine was imprinted on the side of the carb, kind of hard to find, but thanks to my handy-dandy shop manual for the truck I located it.


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