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Question white smoke

I drive a 93 mazda b2200 pick-up. On cold mornings, mostly in the winter there is oil burning when I start my truck(cold engine). If I can keep the rpm's low (verging on stalling) there is no smoke, but at high idle it looks like the house is burning down. When I say there is smoke....believe me there is smoke! It stops after a minute or so. I've been told this is a problem with worn valve seals. I checked the engine compression...each cylinder is close to the other. The engine has approx 125k miles.

Can this be easilly repaired and is there any quick fix? Will a thicker oil reduce the smoke? Any help would be appreciated.

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The only "fix" is to replace the valve stem seals. It's not terribly difficult & can be done by an average DIYer with access to compressed air and a valve spring compressor. See Autolibrary.org for details.

Thicker oil will mask the problem, but it isn't a FIX & may cause other more expensive problems.
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I agree with Knuckles. No fix in a can...it has to be fixed right.

You may also have trouble passing your emission test if the vehicle burns oil that badly.
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White smoke? Are you sure it's oil?

White is usually steam....... this isn't sounding good!

Do you lose any engine coolant?

Leaking valve seals generally cause smoke under high vacuum conditions (ie at idle near stalling). That's when the outside air pressure pushes the oil past the valve seals and into the combustion chamber.

So when you rev the engine (and reduce the vacuum) it should smoke only for a short while to burn off the oil that has already been sucked in (technically blown in, but you get my point). Then it should be smooth sailin'.

Give the engine a rev for about 5 seconds and see if it clears up. Then let the throttle close quickly and rev it again. You'll get a puff of smoke if it's the valve seals.

If you are certain that you are burning oil and not coolant, then from the symptom you describe I suspect worn piston rings. (Possibly on top of valve seals)

If it's white "smoke" then I'd do a compression check....
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Smile smokey mazda

A few years ago the same situation happened to my 1986 B2000 Mazda.It had 249,000k on it and had the same smoking problem,compression was ok and the truck still seemed to run fine.What the problem ended up being was a hairline crack in the cylinder head.

regards, nwood5580
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hello,ive normally found white smoke to be water or coolant loss into the motor[head gasket,cracked head,sometimes even water in the tailpipe].grey smoke,internal oil burning[rings,valve seals,sticking valves].black smoke,idle mix too rich,more often a choke that doesnt open when it should.sometimes i have trouble deciding what colour one of my cars is blowing.if your coolant is causing the smoke youll probably see air bubbles in your radiator when you run the motor at a fast idle.good luck.
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