honda accord

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honda accord

A friend of mine has a 95 or 97 accord. She says
that sometimes when running her air conditioning
that fog comes out the vent. She's concerned that something may be wrong. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it as far as just coming on or running the air a while.
Any ideas?

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Could be a leaky evaporator core. Time for professional service if so.
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My girlfriends Saturn just had the same problem, a wet floor and fog coming out of the vent. I noticed the fog on my way to the dealer. Turned out to be a clogged AC drain. The collection of water combined with the heat of the engine caused it to act like a humidifier and emit a fog for the first few seconds.
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Is the A/C fairly cold when it is working? If it's working really well, could be the evaporator is icing up, and when the compressor cycles off and lets it warm up again, the fog is produced when it sublimates to water vapor. If that's the case, it might be the sensing element on the evaporator.

Does she generally use the recirculate or the "fresh" setting on the A/C controls? That may affect it to some extent.

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