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automotive repair

I just bought an '88 nissan pulsar nx, however, the previous owner put the wrong tranny in it, probably why thaty sold it so cheap. I have a stanza tranny in there now, it looks alike, it , too, has a hydrolic clutch. I was hoping someone could tell me if there a difference that applies to me where mycars' no. is CA18DE and the one i put in is CA20?
also, Anyone willing to help me with the fuel system? need an exploded diagram, or something, my fuel pump is not getting any signals, help?
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I would suggest you get a friend who knows something about electrical type stuff to give you a hand. Really , nice to see on this sight as it is full of helpfull, knowledgable people.
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The 1.8 is turbo in that car, the 2.0 is not. Neither engine is worth a dang unfortunately, as the Pulsar was a very lackluster and odd duck of a vehicle.

First step is to determine if the transmissions are even interchangeable. Have a junkyard compare the listings for a 1.8 and a 2.0 for that year Pulsar in their Hollander interchange manual. If they are the same #, the parts will interchange. If not, then it's the wrong thing.

Try for the diagram.

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