Car wont Start


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Car wont Start

I am having a problem with my 1985 cougar 6cylnder, after driving it for a 1/2 hour or so parking it for 10 minuites or so it will not start for about 20 minuites and then it start and will run fine.
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wont start

it is poss that you have a bad ground to your batt. ck for junk on cable. and make sure it is going to a goo ground loc.
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If it cranks and doesn't run after a period of time, determine if you do not have spark at the plugs. See my post "the Basics" for more details.

If you have no spark when you have this problem, the ignition module on the side of the distributor is the likely cause. Very problematic from Ford.
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If it's not the ignition, could be heat soak causing a vapor lock condition in the fuel lines. More likely with carburetors than with fuel injection systems, since the fuel is supplied at a lower pressure.

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