Dealer ripoff, have question...

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Question Dealer ripoff, have question...

Hello all,

Have a friend of the families Mercury Mountaineer (97 with 302V-8 with 97k miles), the check engine light came on, so I suggested that she take it to the dealer to have it checked since I did not have the proper equipment to check it. She did and they told her that she needed both O2 sensors and a fuel filter for the low low price of $750. Oh yeah, and your trans needs to be serviced for another $150(LOL, I just did a major tuneup and trans service 5k miles ago). So she promptly paid the diagnostic charged and I'm sure smoked the tires on the way out!
I can replace the O2 sensors my self, but am not familiar with how to check and clear the fault memory on this truck.

Does it have self diagnostics to check the fault memory?

How can I clear the fault memory once I have made the repairs?

Is there a cheap code reader that I can buy to check and clear fault memory?

Thanks for the help in advance...
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Cool Codes?

Take the negative battery terminal off the battery for about 30 seconds or so. This should reset all codes. After replacing the $19.95 O2 sensor the codes should clear. You can buy small handheld scanners from Orielys, Auto Zone etc. When the CK ENG lite came on in my 93 Taurus a few years ago I just replaced filters, O2 etc, pulled the neg terminal and everything was OK. But I bet there is something that has to be done at computer level. Replace the parts go back and have them test it again and ask them to reset the reset codes. I would like to know how two O2 sensors and a gas filter can cost $700. That is just a slap to ANY sentient being!

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No, the truck is OBDII and a code reader or scanner is required to clear the codes.

Try Actron or Sears. They usually have fairly reasonable code readers. Autozone might rent you one you can use as well.

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