87 Nissan Stanza Irregular RPM


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87 Nissan Stanza Irregular RPM

I am about to have an 87 Nissan Stanza Wagon shipped out to me from my brother in California. The car runs great, but he says it ALWAYS had a "wandering rpm" problem at idle, flutuating from approx 900 rpm down to 600 rpm. He claims it never stalled, and does NOT hesitate on acceleration. It is a manual trans.
When he turns on the A/C, the engine idle does NOT go up-is it supposed to? The only thing that happens is the A/C puts a load on the engine, and the fluctuating RPM problem is exagerrated, but, once again, it does NOT stall or hesitate.
Could it be a defective switch that is supposed to automatically raise the RPM when the A/C goes on? He has a parts book, but we don't even know what the name of that switch would be, let alone where to look for it.
He recently had what I beleive you call the distributor module replaced, (which is supposed to commonly fail on the Stanzas).
(about $330) The car started stalling out, and finally, and just wouldn't turn over. Everything works fine, except for this pesky irregular idle problem, which has been there from day one when it was new.
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Clean out the throttle body of any carbon and soot and it probably also has a bad idle air control valve, which would cause the wandering RPM's like that.

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