Subaru water problem

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Subaru water problem

I have an '86 Subaru GL Wagon with 186,000 miles on it.
The water pump has been leaking for about a year...I've just
been adding about a quart of water a week and figuring
I'd get it replaced next time I get the timing belt changed.
But last night when I pulled into my driveway (God bless it)
it spewed steam all over. When it cooled I added some water
to see if I had a broken hose, but instead water poured out
of the engine near the fan. Does this indicate a broken water
pump or (shudder) the main gasket? And if it's the gasket,
how expensive a proposition is it to fix this?
Thanks've helped me in the past with this car.

Saint Chuck
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With that mileage:

Pitch the belts, pitch the water pump, pitch the hoses. At this mileage they are all VERY overdue.

Replace them all with new stuff when you do the timing belt. Probably about 250 in parts for everything, labor, depends on your area.

Since you like this Subaru, go ahead and put the money into it. They aren't worth a wooden nickel to me and are rough and crude. I wouldn't own one, but that's me
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Thanks, Joe--
The belts were recently replaced, and looking at the
engine again I noticed that the fan belt pulley is BENT
towards the crank pulley (they are almost touching),
and that the belts seem too tight. Is it possible that
the mechanic who installed the belts put them on too
tight and this bent the fan belt pulley? The leak is directly
below the fan belt pulley.
Thanks again,
Saint Chuck
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Quite possible. Probably ruined the water pump bearings in the process.

Time for another mechanic. Replace all the belts again. Probably soaked with coolant and such. Hit the first mechanic with the bill from the second, especially for work that's a redo.

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