97 gmc c1500 truck


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Question 97 gmc truck

I bought a 97 gmc c1500 truck from a used car lot, I got a 3000 mile warrenty with it. The transmission has a very hard shift from 1 to 2 and since the day i drove it home. The truck has a v6 engine, the temp is good. Transmission oil was red when I got home, call the dealler and they said bring it to the shop, took it in and they told me it was fine nothing wrong after 3 days the oil was black. The hard shift is getting worse, it shifts hard all the way to the dealer but when I get there and then they go drive it it doesn't do it. So they tell me nothing is wrong. check engine light has been on the whole time. Dealer agreed to let me take it to a transmission shop and have it looked at, transmission shop said it needs to be rebuilt and put in a new fliter and oil, dealer says no it's ok. the code was undetectable, but there was stuff in the pan. I have 700 miles left on the warrenty, what can I do with my situation.



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Get the failure report from the tranny shop in writing and go back to the dealer stating what the problem is. If they won't comply, call up your local Better Business Bureau and get them involved to help out in your situation.

When the dealer hears that (if they are unwilling to help), they will likely comply.
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is your warranty third party?

If so, you can take it to any shop that deals with the same warranty company as long as the warranty company authorizes the work. It's worth you checking it out.
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I did call the warrenty people and it does have to go to the dealer I purchased it from. I checked BBB and they are not members and BBB reports they are unsatifactory company and never respond to the BBB complaints
Since my last post the 97 gmc truck will not shift mannually into first, it will when put in drive but not if I try to put it in 1st with the shifter. Is this any indication that it is going to go out soon with it having ther hard shift. secondly, I have noticed that after driven at highway speed for 15 to 20 min it starts the hard shifting and if i stop and turn the engine off for 50 to 10 min and then go again it doesn't hard shift hard for quite a while like maybe a couple of hours.

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You never know, it might go a year, it might go a minute. Transmissions do funny things when they start going bad. I would take nothing less than what you deserve and paid for.... a warrantied tranny rebuild. Make sure you have a dated statement from the tranny shop, with the mileage noted on it, saying you need a rebuild. That will be proof that the problem occurred while under warranty. Get any other proof you can..as there is no such thing as too much. Take them to court if necessary. They will likely give in before it comes to that, as they don't want the hassle and expense. It's a shame that so many people and businesses are so corrupt and shameless these days. You really have to watch your back with every move.
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Im not sure where you live but where I live the local news station has an investigative news group for the residents of the community that has any problems with a person running a shady bussiness or for people that have a reasonably problem the news will look into it. Goes back to the store person not wanting bad reputation posted on the 6 o clock news......just a thought
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If they can't read the code you went to their tranny shop.When the light is on there is a readable code.Most likely a 1-2 shift solenoid,but if the fluid is black probably too late.Shift solenoids are easy to check but i think yours need checked cold,drop it off and have them bench test the 1-2 shift solenoid and the pressure control solenoid,but like I said might be too late,good luck.
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trans problem

These year trucks (including the brand new ones) have been plagued with tranny problems. Theres a lemon law in Texas, you have 30 days to return it under that and get a refund. Sounds like thats why it was sold/traded in in the first place.....
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I agree with all presented here.

1) Work with the selling dealer. Show them the failure report and what's needed for repair. It's obviously defective in my belief. If they won't replace the transmission, then tell them you're going to have to persue legal action. That might put a fire under their ass.

2) If not, call the BBB and ask how you can make a complaint. Call the Attorney General, every official in your state and whoever regulates dealers in your state. Get them all working for you. Burn the candle at both ends, the publicity is likely going to make them sweat and you'll get what you want.

3) Barring that, the local news station will grovel for something like this...

But...start out reasonable and work your way into the heavy stuff .
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I have gotten my 97 gmc truck out of the shop after 3 weeks of it being there. I was told that there was a bulletin from gmc on the hard shift, they told me that it was a computer problem and it needed to be adjusted through the computer, it was to sensitive is what they told me. I have driven it 300 miles since getting it out and it has not had the hard shift. It still does not mannually shift into first gear though. The dealer informed me that I would have to force it into first gear, I have not been able to do that. They didn't put in the missing bolts in the bell housing. All in all I would say that they are the worst dealler I have ever delt with. Oh and they told me that alll of these things are normal for gmc and chevy trucks, they still maintane that there is nothing wrong with the truck, but they did want my 100 dollar deductable. Thanks for all the help
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Thumbs down

Time to take the dealer to task on this one, sorry to say.

1) Bolts should not be "missing" from anywhere. If things are missing, they should be put back. Period. No questions asked.

2) An automatic transmission should shift smoothly and you shouldn't have to "manually" shift anything. Something is still wrong and they are giving you the business IMO.

3) I would call the Better Business Bureau or your local state agency and log a complaint against the dealer. If you've tried to work with them and they can't fix the problem, I'm sure the BBB would like to hear about it. In NYS, shops are governed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. You might contact them too and explain what your problem is.

4) If all else fails, you might call your local newschannel or "Shame on You" reporter. If nothing else, you'll cause a bad dealer some embarrassment on camera and they will think twice before doing it to someone else.

I would call the dealer and explain it's still not right and if they will not/cannot fix it, either they buy it back, send it to another GM dealer (did you buy this through a GM dealer????) for help or call in the factory rep to have a look at it.

Print out all the bulletins from Alldata.com (the titles) and show the dealer them. Tell them you want a full printout of every one and if any match your symptoms you want it fixed free of charge, no questions asked. In turn, you want the warranty extended for your inconvience.

Tell them you will take action with the BBB if they do not reasonably try to solve your problem.

Let us know what you find.
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the code was undetectable, but there was stuff in the pan
Not at all that I'm taking the dealer's side on this, but isn't it normal to have stuff in the pan? When the automatic tranny is broken in on it's first few thousand miles, the tranny shaves off a bit of metal here and there. Right? I've been warned that if any tranny shop tries to pull that "look at all this metal in the pan" that I should smite them . And run.
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Read the original post. The truck shifted hard from the first day (the hard shifting on the test drive should have driven our original poster away from the subject vehicle ).

I say the dealer sold a vehicle with a known problem and then gave him/her the business when the consumer found out. And this "warranty" sounds suspect to me.

I don't know....I guess the original poster will tell us more when he/she knows more. I suspect a crooked dealer, but that's just the NY'er in me . Lol.
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When I test drove the truck it didn't shift bad at all, after i picked it up to drive home, wich is a 45 min drive from where i bought, it begain to shift hard a couple of blocks from home and there after. Just my luck.
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So, where are we with resolving it with the dealer or if they won't comply, contacting the appropriate authorities that can help?

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