Oil pressure light stays on with oil.


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Unhappy Oil pressure light stays on with oil.

My oil pressure light started coming on for the first time this evening while I was driving down the highway. No oil leaks are apparent and the oil level is fine. If the car has cooled off, the oil light does not come on initially. If I drive for a while (10 minutes or so) the light comes on. For a long period of time this evening, the oil light would only come on between about 1000 and 2000 RPM. It would go out at about 2200 RPM and came back on again as soon as the tacometer dropped below a pretty specific threshhold.

1996 Camry.

Any help is very greatly appreciated.
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you should probably have your oil pressure checked using a mechanical guage to determine if it is within specs, when the oil is cold it will normally run at a higher pressure when the engine warms up it will be at a lower pressure and at its lowest at low rpms or at idle, if your pressure checks ok then you likely have a bad sending unit, if it does not you either have a weak oil pump or excessive clearances in the engine bearings causing the pressure to be low, general rule of thumb is 10 psi per 1000 rpm. so you should have atleast 10 psi at low idle speed most sending units will turn on the light if pressure falls below 7psi.

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